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Baltic Control® provide support and advice, develop solutions, conduct inspections, and award certificates. We scrutinize your entire company because after all, even the smallest details can be crucial for your success. In a number of areas, we are accredited to verify and certify that a system, product, person or asset complies with a specified requirement for which certification is demanded. Certification usually includes on-site audits, standardized testing and inspections, and then surveillance audits during the certification period of validity.


To meet growing food safety, welfare, environment and quality requirements, you need to ensure that your supply chain is secure. Establishing a quality management system and getting it certified is an important step towards meeting these requirements. Baltic Control® can audit and certify your various systems against a variety of standards.

We are accredited as DS/EN 45011 Certification body, and recognized to perform certifications in a number of areas, for example:


•Coceral Good Trading Practice / GMP+
•QS Feedstufs
•QS Livestock Transport
•High Quality Control Post (DG Sanco project)
•High Quality Transport Certification (DG Sanco Project)
•Danish Product Standard (certification of Animal welfare – equivalent to QS)
•UK production Standard (certification of Animal welfare at equivalent to Tesco)
•Antonius Quality Assurance scheme

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