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Baltic Control® is present in all major importing and exporting countries and continents involved in trading with mineral oils and petrochemicals. Over our many years in the business, we have accumulated comprehensive knowledge of and experience within this field and can thus offer a competent inspection and verification services to protects the interests of the parties involved through measurement and inspection techniques that are designed to reduce losses and avoid contamination.
We provide speedy and cost-effective solutions to the requirements of our customers and are committed to deliver top service across our global network.


Inspection for Quality and Quantity.


The key elements of our organization are set to ensure:

  • Independence and Reliability

  • International standards Quality: Baltic Control is following the inspection procedures based on the International standards such as ASTM, API, ISO and IFIA. 

Quality Control
  • Checking the reliability of the equipment used for the analysis

  • Sampling to Industry Standards, Sample Transport

  • Analysis or witnessing of analysis

  • Storage and sealing of samples

Quantity Control
  • Tanks gauging – Ship and Shore Tank

  • Bunker Survey

  • Temperature measurements  by M.M.C. electronic tape.

  • Volume/weight calculations by API method

  • Inspection during transfer

  • Loss control

  • Initial and Final Inspection of vessels before and after loading/discharging

  • Initial and Final Inspection of Shore tank – before and after loading/discharging


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